September Sun

But in the east, what the heck is that there that breaks? My gosh, me thinks it be the sun!

We’ve been having a bit of smoke from wild fires over the last few days. We’ve been very lucky through most of the summer this year, but it seems that mother nature wants to remind us this isn’t quite paradise as we get closer to autumn. The smoke has been giving me a bit of a headache over the past 48 hours, but I was lucky enough to buy an extra HEPA filter for my room last summer, which I’m using for the first time this week, and combined with the furnace air filter, as long as I stay inside with the windows closed, it’s not too bad, just a bit dark and a tad depressing.

It rained overnight and this morning, which was nice, but that didn’t clear the air of smoke.

It did fill up one of my new rain barrels in the garden, and I went out just a few minutes ago to water the morning glories which have grown up around the back patio, under the eaves. They seem to like the grey and are blooming like crazy!

Unfortunately one of the fires that is burning is near Manning Park, where I spent time earlier this summer. I hope that there won’t be too much damage done before the season properly changes, fall rains really start, and the fires extinguish.

A view along a hike in Manning Park in July

I have completed work on my short crime fiction set on the Oregon coast and it’s out in the world looking for a publisher. I’m debating if I will work on a different, lighter-hearted mystery story next, or if I will turn my attention to completing a screenplay I began a few years ago. I also have a few more poems to work on.

The great thing about being a writer is that there always seems to be something you could be working on! There are no excuses for you to not work on days the smoke keeps you inside. So, I will get back to work now.

I hope that you are enjoying your September!

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