Publication Announcement – Poem with Short Édition

Short Édition is a multilingual, innovative publishing company based in Grenoble, France, which operates both an online platform for stories and story dispensing kiosks with an ever-increasing number of locations across several countries. (Although the closest to me at the moment is at Capilano University North Vancouver campus, a five hour drive away, so I have yet to see a dispenser in person.)

Should you encounter a dispenser, you should see that they offer the option of 1, 3 and 5 minute reads. At the press of a button, the dispenser will print out a story selected largely by chance from their growing library, for your hopeful enjoyment.

One of their new releases in their new poetry-heavy quarterly review – Short Circuit #9 – is my poem Madacamia, which has been looking for a home for several years. It may be the work that I have worked hardest at getting published, as my records show that it was submitted to over a hundred publications. It was previously accepted for publication by a literary magazine, some time ago, but that magazine went out of business before the publication happened. I am delighted that Madacamia has at last found a home with Short Édition. It is, I feel, my best poem yet.

Have a read of Madacamia online, or try to capture it “in the wild” from one of the hundreds of Short Édition dispensers out there in the world!

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