Hot and a bit tired – August Update

Hello whoever out there is reading this today!

I missed my offline day this past weekend and I am missing it. I am also fighting some glitchy wi-fi.

In my head and through my keyboard I am making progress on the first draft of a short noir-ish crime story set on the Pacific coast – in which the cool rain does not stop falling until the very last “scene.” I hope this first draft will be completed by the end of the week, last night I wrote the climatic scene and now I only need to write the denouement. I was surprised at the end of the last paragraph I wrote last night – someone got thrown out a door in a moment of inspiration. I’m not sure what this does to my plot, but I do know the character is now getting rained on.

Whereas outside my window it is 35 Celcius, sunny, and only getting hotter – a heat warning in effect for the next three days.

I am looking forward to picking up some fresh nectarines from the local fruit stands soon.

I spent some time in July camping – before camp-fire bans went into effect for the season – I hoped to write a poem a day as a sort of record of the trip. It didn’t work out particularly well, but here is a short one I can share.

Why do I smell smoke

that’s not good

little girl shames

my lack of fire-starting ability

as she passes by

I tell myself this wood is damp

and I would do much better if I had thought to bring a hatchet

if I had some kindling

and better matches

okay okay

maybe I should have just

asked her to do it.

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