April Greetings

Hello everyone.

In preparation for spring allergies, I did a little bit of sewing not long ago, making myself some reusable handkerchiefs from second-hand fabric found at the local thrift shop. This led me to sort through the household sewing basket, which I believe at one time belonged to my Nana. There are several peculiarities inside the basket, including tiny nails substituting for pins, a needle selection kit purchased at some time in the past for 50 cents and which as far as I can tell, no one has ever used, an old Christmas candy tin which now holds buttons, and a small complimentary sewing repair kit from The Westbury Hotel, Toronto, on Yonge Street. (Yonge Street in the Canadian imagination is “the longest street in the world” but only if you include what everyone else considers a highway.)

I was curious to know if The Westbury still exists – and I still don’t know – it seems that the Westbury opened in 1957 as a luxury hotel, developed a reputation as a place to go to eat, particularly in the 1970s, was sadly remodelled to look quite generic at the turn of our current century, and was likely torn down only a few years ago, in favour of a taller building to go in it’s place as it was on prime land in an increasingly densely developed downtown core. (I’m not sure if this tearing down has actually happened yet.) You can find more photos of The Westbury here. I don’t know what circumstances took my Nana to The Westbury, but if she was there in the 1970s, I’m sure she would have wanted to try the “Shrimp in Love’ as Nana loved shrimp.

It’s been about a week since the forsythia began to bloom here in the south Okanagan and I’ve been out raking and starting to water and hoping that my daffodils will catch up with the neighbour’s and flower soon as well. In my food-growing patch, I see that the rhubarb and sorrel have returned again, and the saskatoon and currant bushes are showing life too. I hope that your gardens will soon be full of green and pretty things to watch and eat and enjoy!

In writing news, I have recently had word that one of my short stories will soon be republished with Carmina Magazine online. I am taking a short break from creative pursuits at the moment, but hope to have more to announce soon!

Thank you for stopping by.

One thought on “April Greetings

  1. Congratulations on your upcoming publication in Carmina Magazine! Do keep us posted.
    I have an old sewing basket that once belonged to the grandmother of my good friend (the giver). It came with an interesting assortment of things, like yours. And I use old candy tins myself for buttons, safety pins, a plethora of free sewing kits from various hotels. Some of the sewing kits were quite generously appointed, and they do conjure thoughts of the places stayed at.
    I hope your garden is flourishing and your allergies are not!


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