Sorrel and so forth

I am still here, I’ve just been a bit busy this month with non-writing chores.

Did you catch any of the lunar eclipse earlier this month? We had clouds and mountains in the way but still got to see a little of it –

It has been a very cool month so far here in the Okanagan, although we are hoping for a return to normal temperatures soon. I’m glad we’ve avoided the big storms that have hit other parts!

This cool weather has made things very slow in the garden and I am starting to wonder if there will be enough time for backyard tomatoes grown from seed this summer.

But I’m not really worrying about that yet, instead, tonight, I picked some of the sorrel that has been growing happily in my garden for a few years now – you can also find sorrel growing wild in many places. In North America it is an introduced, naturalizing perennial. It has proven to me that it is drought resistant and doesn’t care much about soil quality.

It is very sour to taste and has a lot of oxalic acid, which can be dangerous if you eat huge amounts, so you don’t want to eat too much at one time, but in reasonable amounts you can enjoy the leaves fresh in salad or on a sandwich – or you can cook it – although cooking changes the bright green of fresh rinsed and chopped leaves –

into a dark not so appealing colour –

I decided to try making it into a sauce following this recipe from

Instead of using the sauce with salmon, eggs or poultry as is suggested, I used it in place of Alfredo sauce – substituting lactose-free cream for the heavy cream called for in the original recipe and using a bit of vegetable stock to thin it out a tad. I also added some squash to make a complete vegetarian meal of it.

My fiction writing for this month, as I hinted at the start of this post, has been far from extensive, but I have been playing around with trying to write a poem a day, as inspired by the Story A Day challenge. Some days have resulted in poems that have promise and some days have resulted in rather desperate attempts to get anything at all typed up.

Here is what I wrote on the evening of the 7th; trying to remember how to write haiku and tanka style poetry while the lilac bush briefly bloomed and the clock ticked down on the day – I felt my muse was struggling but it was sort of fun to try and fit words into a very restrictive rhythm.

Lilac wind rattles

recall now sweet with absence

playing in the chimes you gave

Playing in long chimes

a lilac wind rattling roof

brings your memory

shared song now rings happiness

at last! you have set me free

I will be working on editing and seeking publication for some of the better poetry I have also come up with over the past twenty days, later on this month!

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