Before they come

Here is another one of the poems I wrote this month – this one does not quite make it to the serious editing stage either – while it might be tuned a little tighter, the general consensus from my critique readers is that I have other stronger poems from this month to work on improving towards publication. And it turns out not too many people see leaves starting to unfurl on a tree and think they look like lettuce! huh! I enjoyed writing this though – I was sitting on a bench beside Lake Osoyoos at the time.

Before they come – 153 words – 30 lines

Before they come

lake laps undisturbed quiet

broken by civic workers

completing preparations

diesel engines down the highway

is it ever really silent here

so near the border

leaves unfurling slowly

like little lettuces on trees

by empty sands

sun warms uncovered heads

it is noon

and parking is easy

washrooms are clean

the ice cream parlour is open but empty

traffic flows snarl free

a local grandmother opens a cooler bag to serve lunch at a table

a few resident teenagers throw a football and laugh

a migrant bicyclist rests inside the shelter of the bandstand

unsure of dark clouds coming in from the coast

as fresh white buoys wait on the water

a robin sings

wonder if it is warm enough

to roll up sleeves

for a little while

this town just down the road

waits with trepidation every year for summer’s

necessary invasion of vacationers to fill its coffers

and this beach.

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