Offline Time

I spend a lot of time sitting at my desk, staring at my computer. And I like to not do that sometimes too. This past weekend I took 72 hours off – completely disconnected from the internet and without looking at my computer screen once. (I started on Friday.)

One of the last things I did before disconnecting, was watch this video on how to make a little terrarium for free. I’ve been wanting to make a terrarium for ages. I would probably still be waiting to do it, if I hadn’t taken the time to get offline.

Now sitting beside my computer, adding green and life – saw a little creepy crawly when I peeked inside this morning!

Other accomplishments I made in the time I created by disconnecting – and therefore not allowing myself to be tempted by all the distractions of the internet?

I finally completed planting my garden, although I’m quite late this year.

I read a book for which I owed a review and which I’ve been procrastinating over because it was a slow read.

I gave myself a home “spa” afternoon

I caught up on work for a fan project

I watched a documentary on food waste that I’ve been meaning to watch for several years, and recommend.

I took my dog on a long walk and discovered that one of the local churches has a new bell for ringing on Sundays.

I had supper outside on the back patio – after cleaning the patio up – now I’ll be able to take my writing out there whenever I want to over the summer.

I managed to read the weekend paper on the weekend (instead of only getting to it on Monday or Tuesday or never.)

I went shopping and got extra loyalty points for doing so on a “special” day – which I might otherwise have missed

I got a head start on Monday laundry

and organized a small basement area that was a bit of a disaster

I listened to classical music on the radio early in the morning.

and I napped. If the weather had been cooperating a bit more, I might have spent some time enjoying the garden or the near-wilds, perhaps hiking up the hill that over looks my neighbourhood.

It’s true that I didn’t get any writing done, but I feel like I’m rested and more ready for writing than I have been all month so far.

I know that some people can’t afford to take 72 hours offline. I believe that a lot more people who are likely to read this blog may only feel like they can’t – and I want to encourage you to give it a try. It’s a mini-vacation for your brain, and you might be surprised to discover all the things that you can get done – or not done, if what you choose to do with time offline is to kick back and relax!

One thought on “Offline Time

  1. It sounds like you accomplished a lot of good things in your offline time — well done! I aspire to taking some myself; your blog may help inspire me to do so.


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