The forgotten publication

At the back of the pile of books by my bed, I recently re-discovered my author’s copy of Inside Brilliance: Havik 2021 – one in a series of annual anthologies put out through a Los Positas College program. (Los Positas College is in Livermore, California – which is in the San Francisco Bay Area.)

I have two pieces published within, and I intended to send something in for this year’s anthology as well, largely for sentimental reasons, but I not only missed the bus, I forgot about it entirely. I had stories in the three years prior to 2021 as well, so it feels like a bit of an unfortunately accidental ending to a brief era in my writing career (such as it is.) I was hoping to extend the streak of publication in the annual anthologies by at least one more year, but it is clearly not to be, as not only has this year’s submission deadline passed, the 2022 anthology has already been published!

Although the anthology doesn’t pay writers or artists, I always appreciated that the pretty weighty anthology was sent out in paperback even to international contributors, and in 2018 when my first piece was accepted by the Havik committee, it would have been one of my first published pieces, quite exciting.

I will probably not submit to Havik anthologies in the future, now that I’ve accidentally broken my streak, as I feel that my writing has improved sufficiently that I can seek paying publication for it now, but I will, when I do remember it, remember Havik fondly.

The submission information for the annual anthology can be found here.

And the 2021 anthology can be pursued for free online here.

I hope that my fellow Canadians enjoyed Canada Day yesterday, and that my American friends will have a fun Fourth!

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